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2007 PFIG Recipient Jane Scudder

UVA Career Center – August 1st, 2007

Jane Scudder
College of Arts & Sciences
2009 Graduation Year

Internship: Anbakam Metals, LLC in East Brunswick, NJ

Notes on the first week 

I am working as a marketing, market research, and sourcing intern at Anbakam’s US office. Anbakam is a commodity trading company located out of East Brunswick, NJ. We buy processed and unprocessed scrap/recycled material for export in containers across the United States and then trade this scrap to India, Bangladesh, South Korea, and Vietnam.

2006 PFIG Recipient Rebecca Elliot

UVA Career Center – August 1st, 2006

Rebecca Elliot
College of Arts & Sciences
2007 Graduation Year

Internship: Foreign Service Institute, US Department of State in in Arlington, VA.

Notes on the first week

I learn so much every single day. That’s my most salient impression after interning for two weeks with the US State Department. Every day, from 8:15 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, I’m gathering information on topics that I find profoundly fascinating — Africa, US diplomacy, and development.