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Presidential Internship at American University in Cairo

Sophia Naide – December 1st, 2015

Established in 1981, the Presidential Internship Program at the American University in Cairo (AUC) provides recent university graduates who are American citizens or permanent residents the opportunity to work at the highest levels of an international university, experience life in Cairo and learn Arabic. As an intern, you'll spend one academic year working at AUC. Each intern fulfills a full-time position in an AUC office or department that aligns with his or her professional and academic interests.

2016 Global Health Case Competition - Sign-up by Dec. 8

Sophia Naide – December 1st, 2015

The UVA intramural global health case competition is an event designed to prompt undergraduate and graduate students within our university to recognize their unique individual potentials for contributing to the needs of global health and become empowered to address these needs in their future careers. A global health case is delivered to interdisciplinary teams of students who then have 4-5 days to present a solution to the case during a day-long competition.

2016 Governor’s Fellows Program

Sophia Naide – December 1st, 2015

The historic and prestigious Virginia Governor’s Fellows Program offers a select group of outstanding and highly motivated individuals the opportunity to experience firsthand the administration of state government in the Commonwealth. Rising and graduating college seniors and graduate/professional school students have the opportunity to learn directly under Cabinet secretaries in the Commonwealth’s Executive Office during the summer.

Spring 2016 Internship with The Arbor Charlottesville - App Due Dec. 5

Sophia Naide – December 1st, 2015

The Arbor is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that provides long-term housing and holistic aftercare services to adult, female, human trafficking survivors in Virginia. It seeks a spring 2016 intern who will engage in the daily lives of clients at The Arbor and maintain an orderly and client-focused workplace by assisting with clerical tasks. The intern position is designed to foster innovation and diversity of thought to broaden and improve the programs of The Arbor.

Summer Internship: American Jewish Committee Goldman Fellowship

Sophia Naide – December 1st, 2015

The American Jewish Committee Goldman Fellowship is a paid, 9 week opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students, designed to develop future leaders in the areas of international and domestic politics, diplomacy, public relations, policy, human rights, and non-profit management. The Goldman Fellowship is unique in the quality and scope of opportunities that it offers, providing participants experience in advocacy, research, and programming, working in mentor relationships with senior staff and taking part in conferences and meetings.

An Account of a 4th Year's Job Search Journey

Nicole Schneiter – December 1st, 2015

Everyone’s job search journey looks differently. You might be looking for an internship for the summer or a job after graduation, but the path you take to land that opportunity will likely look differently from that of your friends and classmates. Here is just one account of what the 4th year job search could look like:


Summary of Fall Semester


Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program

Nicole Schneiter – November 30th, 2015

There is an exciting new program at the University of Michigan--the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program (DDCSP UM). DDCSP UM is an exciting two-year research and internship opportunity for bright, curious undergraduate students interested in conservation, nature, and the environment. The program is aimed at bringing more undergraduates currently underrepresented in the environmental field into the conservation arena. The program includes a $4000 stipend, as well as room and board, a discretionary allowance, and travel expenses to and from Ann Arbor, Michigan.