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LSAC New York Law School Forum

Winnie Tsao – August 26th, 2016

LSAC Law School Forums are held around the country to give prospective law students an opportunity to talk personally with representatives from law schools and to collect admission materials from schools throughout the country. If you are thinking about law school, Law School Forums are an excellent resource for you. LSAC Law School Forums allow you to talk face-to-face with admission representatives from 190 LSAC-member law schools.

Join Astronaut Mae Jemison, September 20th, at UVA

Christie Julien – August 25th, 2016

As part of the Excellence Through Diversity, Distinguished Learning Series, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Virginia is fortunate to host an evening with Dr. Mae Jemison (the first African American female astronaut to travel in space) on the 20th of September at 6:30pm.  Dr. Jemison joined the STS-47 Spacelab J mission aboard the space shuttle Endeavor where as a science mission specialist she completed 127 orbits of the Earth while conducting life science and materials processing experiments.  Please join us as Dr.

Horizons Fellowship Opportunity

Christie Julien – August 25th, 2016

The Horizons Fellowship supports 10 outstanding university students in their pursuit to become tomorrow's leaders in technology. The program is a part-time 6-month (or full-time summer) experience that teaches software engineering and provides students with the network and perspective needed to launch their careers in tech. The program fits around a regular school year class schedule and requires no prior computer science or programming knowledge. It is open to current university students of all ages. Students develop the arsenal of highly employable software engineers as well as the perspective of entrepreneurs.

Internships with the Multicultural Center

Jasmine Jackson – August 24th, 2016

The Multicultural Student Center will open in the fall 2016 semester, guided by its mission: "We aim to facilitate a student-centered, collaborative space that supports underrepresented and marginalized communities, while cultivating the holistic empowerment of all students. We seek to enhance personal development, build understanding through dialogue of diverse experiences, and equip students with tools to become socially conscious, citizen leaders.

Kick the Year Off Right With EST!

Christie Julien – August 24th, 2016

Join  Microsoft, Northrup Grumman, Booz Allen Hamilton, the EST Community and Engineering Career Development for  some snacks, swag, and socialization!  ALL ARE WELCOME, as we celebrate all things science and tech.  No matter your year, no matter your major, join us and talk to student groups, employers, and career counselors about your interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Is Coding Really For You?

Christie Julien – August 24th, 2016

There’s an idea that’s been gaining ground in the tech community lately: Everyone should learn to code. But here’s the problem with that idea: Coding is not the new literacy.

If you regularly pay attention to the cultural shenanigans of Silicon Valley, you’ve no doubt heard of the “Learn to Code” movement. Politicians, nonprofit organizations like Code.organd even former Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City have evangelized what they view as a necessary skill for tomorrow’s workforce.

Don't Let Your Coding Skills Get Rusty

Christie Julien – August 24th, 2016

Learn X in Y minutes is a community driven site that helps programmers with experience learn new languages.  The site is a straightforward no frills approach to introducing experienced coders to new languages.  If you've ever put a coding language down on your resume and felt less than confident, or feel like you need to brush up on the basics before a technical interview  is definitely the site for you.


Design the next UVA Thanksgiving Card!

Kate Melton – August 24th, 2016

The Office of University Advancement is looking for its next Thanksgiving Card design. This card goes out to over 6,500 loyal alumni, friends, and family of the University. Our request is simple: upload a few images or provide a link to your portfolio. One student will be selected to design a fall-themed UVA image. There are no restrictions in the media we are looking for—we have used digital designs, watercolor, oil, photographic images. We just want to highlight YOU!  Deadline for submission: Sept 6 | Final Design due Sept 20.