2018 PFIG Recipient Ian Hardman

Ian Hardman – June 18th, 2018

Ian Hardman

2018 PFIG Winner
Ian Hardman
Major: Economics
UVA 2019

Internship: Environmental Law Institute, Washington, DC

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Journal Entry #1

     Today marked the beginning of my third week as a Research and Publications Intern for the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, DC. The amount of exposure to the research and policy fields I have gained in such a short time is remarkable. In the first few minutes at ELI, I was thrust into a fast paced and independent work environment and have enjoyed how busy it has kept me. Tasked with aiding expert attorneys, scientists and economists, my fellow interns and I have been introduced to the exciting reality of full-time academic research. Working with such experienced research staff, even for such a short time, has been extremely beneficial to my growth as a student of environmental policy. I entered this internship with a moderate amount of independent research experience, having had the opportunity to work with faculty in UVA’s economics and environmental science departments over the last year. I feel like in the last two weeks I have tripled my knowledge of research techniques and resources.

     During the first week I was asked about my research interests in order for my supervisor to pair me with staff members who work in those concentrations. Having worked on energy policy issues in the past, I was assigned to an ongoing research project involving biomass energy production and wastewater treatment. Additionally, my past research in water law and water economics inspired me to reach out to a staff member, Adam Schempp, about the possibility of working with him. We realized we had a mutual connection with Brian Richter, an Adjunct Professor at UVA and a leader in the water conservation field. I am planning to begin research with Schempp this week. At the same time, however, I have had plenty of opportunity to branch out and learn about policy topics outside of my comfort zone. During my time at UVA, I have had very little exposure to law in my coursework. Many of my projects at ELI have forced me to become comfortable with understanding and navigating the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations and the Library of Congress’ reference collection while familiarizing myself with legal language. Over the last two weeks I have edited academic papers and book chapters that will be published soon and, in doing so, gained important citation skills that I will be able to use as I conduct research for my economics Distinguished Majors Program thesis this coming year.

     I can tell already that my internship with ELI is going to be a pivotal point in my research education and will aid me in whatever career I choose to follow after graduation. Many members of the staff at ELI have studied at world class graduate programs around the country and the globe. I hope to learn about their experiences and gain insight into some of the possible paths I could follow next June. For the time being, I’m just enjoying the learning process and trying to keep up with all of the interesting tasks I’ve been assigned!

Journal Entry #2

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Journal Entry #3

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