Bridge Year & Your Career

Kalea Obermeyer – February 21st, 2018

Want to take a year off before attending graduate school or entering the office? Then consider coming to the Career Center’s Bridge Year and Your Career event on Mar. 14th from 5:30pm-7:30pm at Bryant Hall.

Why is a Bridge Year Important?

During a Bridge Year, students can take extra time to earn more money while exploring future career goals. All students should consider taking a bridge year! For students interested in education, taking a bridge year can often be a clarifying experience. A large number of students are often concerned after graduation about joining a field in education that doesn’t offer the “perfect” combination of practice: policy, administration, volunteerism, direct student interactions, and more. With a bridge year, UVA graduates can explore different avenues in education that will prepare them to find graduate programs that best align with their interests.

About the Event:

The projected agenda for the event includes:
5:30-5:50: Welcome and “Strategies for Finding Your Ideal Bridge Year”
5:50-6:10: Roundtable Rotation I
6:10-6:30: Roundtable Rotation II
6:30-6:50: Roundtable Rotation III
6:50-7:30: Mingling/Reception with Dinner

Dinner will be served, and dress is casual. Every major and all years are welcome to attend. Organizations are still registering,  that examples of those who attended last year include: 

For more information on how Bridge Year options work, find our blog post here.