Teaching Opportunities in China

Kalea Obermeyer – October 31st, 2017

Looking for an internship in teaching this summer? Or if you’re a graduate student, a job for next year? Then check out some programs offered by MindXplorer!


What is MindXplorer?

The MindXplorer Education Association is an international education group dedicated to sharing internships and teaching opportunities with students and professionals interested in pursuing education. MindXplorer seeks to be on the forefront of the introduction of western education management concepts to China and promoting Chinese education reform through exploring international education systems. MindXplorer collaborates with nearly 50 educational institutes from over 10 countries. They have headquarters all of the United States, and have in the past decade created branches in Beijing, Vancouver and Brisbane.


What programs are available for me?

TEACH stands for Teaching Exploration and Chinese Hospitality, and the program would be stationed in Beijing, China. Interns travel to Beijing to serve as an assistant elementary or middle school teacher for students learning English. Interns will stay with a host family whose child attends the same school in which they teach. In addition, interns will have opportunities to participate in cultural activities both within the internship group as sponsored by MindXplorer and with their host families.


You can also find on Handshake job advertisements for full-time English teaching positions in China. MindXplorer is hiring throughout the fall semester for teachers to start in the spring of 2018.  The earlier you apply the better, because the application preparation and Visa process can take a few weeks!


The SCHOOL program’s function is to introduce expert faculty from the US for teacher training purposes.  MindXplorer offers opportunities for qualified US faculty to lead short-term (5-10 day) training sessions with a cohort of their Chinese peers in Beijing. The training requests are mainly for courses on pedagogy, especially topics on interdisciplinary education and student-centered learning. It's a great opportunity for US teachers to share their research and insights abroad and gain new perspectives to apply in American classrooms.


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