Handshake: Employer Searching

Sara Greene – November 28th, 2017

We’ve got exciting news about Handshake – starting December 4th, employers will be able to search for your profile in Handshake, giving you access to even more opportunities. Get ready for this feature by familiarizing yourself with the information below:
What does it mean for employers to search student profiles?
When a student's profile is made public it means that it can be viewed by all employers on the Handshake platform. Employers can find your profile based on specific skills, past experiences, and other profile information. Employers will also have the ability individually message you through Handshake. This is a great time to look at your notification preferences to ensure you are getting these messages to your email or Handshake app.
What can employers see when searching?
Employers will not see any demographic data or private resumes. They will be able to see what you fill out on your profile, including past experiences, extracurricular activities, public resumes, projects, and more. If you plan on making your profile public we recommend filling out your profile completely.

The best way to see what employers see is to use the “See Employer View” button on your profile. Click on your name in the upper right, then “My Profile,” then “See Employer View” on the right hand side.

Can I have a public profile and keep some things private?
Yes! Even if your profile it public you have the option of making your GPA and documents private.
I’m in! Where do I sign up?
Starting December 4th, ALL student profiles will be set to private and, if you choose to make your profile public, you will go in to your profile and select “Make Profile Public” on the right hand side. This is also a good time to review your other preferences to be sure your profile is personalized for your job or internship search.

Profile completion matters when a student makes their profile public.

When a profile is made public, it becomes very important that the profile is filled out completely to put forth your best professional image and attract the attention of employers on the system. There are five components to profile completion:

  • Fill out your education section! Click the pencil next to your name and make sure you have your major and start/end dates silled out.
  • Fill out your work experience - make sure you include job title, employer, time period, and location.
  • Add an organization or extracurricular activity.
  • Add multiple skills, documents, courses, and projects.
  • Add a profile picture.

What if I’m already set to public?
On December 4th, your profile will revert to private. Please visit your profile settings to change your profile back to public.
What if I don’t want to have a public profile?
Do nothing! On December 4th, you will continue to be set to private.
I’ve got additional questions, who can I contact?
Feel free to reach out to us at CareerCenter@virginia.edu or check out our blog post with additional detail. You can also reference the OGI policies orientation at any time for this information.

* UVA does NOT vet employers in Handshake due to the volume that request access to UVA although the Career Center attempts to screen based on basic criteria to reduce risk of fraudulent employers. It is ultimately your responsibility as a student to make carefully informed decisions about the information you choose to share with employers.