UVA Alum Spotlight: Julia Tazelaar with SAGA Innovations

Julia Thompson – March 15th, 2017

What is SAGA Innovations?

SAGA Innovations is an education nonprofit that provides in school tutoring to students in under served schools in Chicago and NYC. The program is a great fit for graduating seniors who are interested in education and want some in school experience before moving onto their next step, graduates who are looking to do a year of service, and “pre” students who want to take a gap year before graduate or professional school. Most importantly, the fellowship is a fit for those who value their work, and are 100% committed to their students for the entire service term.

What does Julia do in her role with SAGA Innovations?

Julia Tazelaar is a recent UVA graduate who has dedicated a year with SAGA Innovations.  She currently mentors and tutors 13 students at Teller Middle School in the Bronx, NY. Being a SAGA Fellow is extremely rewarding and challenging. On any given day she works 1-1 or 2-1 with her students to assist them in their mathematics skills and coursework. She looks forward to working with her students every day, meeting them where they are, and seeing how much progress they make as time goes on.

Julia was also been featured as the Incoming Tutor of the Year for her dedication to service and education. Check her out! http://sagainnovations.org/resources/saga-blog/testimonial-incoming-saga-fellow/

How did Julia use the Career Center to connect with SAGA Innovations?

Julia discovered SAGA Innovations at UVA’s annual Spring Career Fair. Being an active volunteer through the Madison House in Charlottesville, she focused her search, through the career fair's database, to all of the organizations that were listed under education and community service. Through her face to face interactions with SAGA at the career fair, and her own online research, she was compelled to apply for the Fellowship. 

Before the Spring Career Fair, Julia thought that [the UVA Career Center] was only tailored to students majoring in business or consulting. Later, she was able to take advantage of the 1-1 resume workshops and they really helped her tailor her resume. 


Julia has some advice to graduating seniors:  “Making plans after graduation can take longer than you expect, but be patient, go to the career fair, speak with the organizations that interest you, and find the position that suits you best. Don’t compare your career search and offers with others. If you feel that you have no idea what you want to do, find a mentor, ask questions, and connect with older students/alumni at UVA.”

To connect and learn more about the SAGA Fellowship, service opportunities in education and the benefits they provide, please contact Camille Ehlers (cehlers@sagainnovations.org)

Blurbs written by Camille Ehlers