Teaching at Independent Schools

Julia Thompson – March 13th, 2017

Interested in Teaching at Independent Schools? Peter Hufnagel, Dean of Faculty at the Miller School of Albemarle, will give a talk on independent schools--what is distinctive about teaching at such schools (especially boarding schools) and what they look for in applicants. 

WHEN: Friday, March 24 at 2:00 PM

WHERE: Faculty Lounge on the second floor of Bryan Hall (Room 229)

SPEAKER: Peter Hufagel, Dean of Faculty at the Miller School of Albemarle

A graduate of the UVa English Department's MA program, Dean Hufnagel has hired several UVa graduate students over the years and may have some positions open for next academic year; he will be accepting resumes from potential applicants. His talk will not, however, be specific to the Miller School. He will address the rewards and challenges of teaching at independent schools in general, and not just in the field of literature. The talk is in fact open to students from all departments; please feel free to mention it to friends in other departments. The talk will be of great interest to those in MA or Ph.D. programs seeking to broaden their employment options. Some of our graduate students have found independent school teaching to be a way of supporting themselves in the later years of their programs; some, like Dean Hufnagel himself, have found it to be a fulfilling career in itself.