2017 PFIG Recipient Brooke Kinsey

Brooke Kinsey – June 5th, 2017

Brooke Kinsey

2017 PFIG Winner
Brooke Kinsey
Major: Spanish, Global Studies- Environments & Sustainability
UVA 2018

Internship: Local Food Hub, Charlottesville, VA

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Journal Entry #1

Advice that I've heard and been given time and time again is to do what you love and it will not even feel like work. In the case of my internship at the Local Food Hub I think I have found exactly that. I just completed week one of my time with the organization and I am loving every minute of it. Since high school I have continued to dive deeper and deeper into studying the food industry. My senior project in high school was a report on factory farms. This report spurred my interest in agriculture and its various complexities. Since then I have started working with UVA's Morven Kitchen Garden (MKG), a student run farm, as well as completed a research project, alongside MKG president Erika Stadsklev, proposing the creation of a farm incubator at the Morven Estate as a training grounds for young farmers without access to large amounts of capital and equipment.

            The mission of the Local Food Hub is “providing access to farm sourced food for everyone.” I love this mission because it addresses both the need for supporting local farmers as well as the need to make access to food more equitable. There are several communities in Charlottesville that can actually be classified as being located in food deserts that do not have the same access to healthy foods as do other communities in the city. Local Food Hub has programs to help these areas such as Fresh Farmacy that delivers fresh, local produce to local health clinics as part of the patient “prescriptions” for healthy food. This past week I got to participate in putting together the food bags in the warehouse and then delivering them to the clinics. The interconnection between supporting local farmers through buying their produce and supporting local community members through supplying fresh produce is something that is really exciting to me.

            Going forward I will be helping the Local Food Hub to create and grow an advisory board composed of farmers from various types and sizes of farms to better serve the farming community and inform the food hub how it can expand its services and provide more support to farmers. I am excited to get to interview farmers and be a part of the conversation of how we can make farming more accessible and prosperous in the future. By the end of the summer I hope to make a difference in this space and provide more leverage to new and old farmers alike to succeed.

Journal Entry #2

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Journal Entry #3

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