Career Exploration Workshops for 1st and 2nd years

Hannah Guffey – November 10th, 2016

How do I choose a major? How do I know that a major is right for me?  What if I pick the wrong major? What if I end up working in an industry or a field I hate? How do I figure out what to do after graduation?  How do I figure out what my skills are?  How do I know that the things I'm learning about now will help me later on?

These are some of the kinds of questions that Career Counselors will often receive from First and Second years in a Career Counseling apppointment,   If you've ever caught yourself wondering these things, or are curious about these questions, then you might consider joining a Career Exploration Workshop.

Q: What is a Career Exploration Workshop?

A: Career Exploration Workshops (or CEWS) are small 10 - 12 person workshops that meet once a week for four weeks. The workshops are an hour long, and in them you'll get to work with a Career Counselor who will give you the time and space to explore and tackle these questions about major and career.  The benefit is that you are able to work with a group of peers who all have the same questions.  You can bounce ideas off of one another, connect outside of the workshop, and provide help and support to other people who are in the same boat. You may not have every single answer to every single question you have, but you will have a safe place where you can get guidance, advice, and ideas about your career. We also provide snacks, so at the very least you get fed.

Q: That sounds great! How do I sign up for one?

A: If you're interested in participating, log in to Handshake to request to register for an upcoming workshop and a member of the Career Center team will get in touch with you about the next steps. We have several sessions of the workshop in the Fall and in the Spring. Please note that space within these workshops is limited, and it is possible that not all students who register will be able to participate in a particular workshop. If you are not selected, don't be discouraged! Look for additional workshop offerings throughout the fall and spring semesters. 

Fall 2017 Workshops TBA

Most of the workshops take place at the Career Center unless otherwise indicated.

Q: What if none of those times and dates work for me?

A: You might consider making an individual appointment with a Career Counselor, or attending one of our Career Peer Educator Workshops.  Additionally, you might see if the times in the spring are more in line with your schedule.

For a lot of first and second years it may feel like a major may be the first big decision you make in your professional life, and may be something that determines your success later on.  We want you to know that that is NOT THE CASE! Your major does not equal your career, and you do not have to have it all figured out by the end of your second year. You are not alone in having these questions, join a CEW and figure it out together.