Career Fair Countdown! Week 4: Preparing your Resume

Nicole Schneiter – October 5th, 2015

The Fall Job and Internship Fair is coming up on Oct. 28th and 29th! In order to make sure you’re fully prepared (and not waiting until the last minute), we’ve created a Career Fair Countdown! blog series. Whether you’re a fourth year looking for a job after graduation or a first year exploring your career options, tune in to stay ahead of the game for acing the career fair.


Hello! My name is Nicole and I’m one of the Career Peer Educators (CPE) working specifically as the student ambassador for the Engineering, Science, and Technology (EST) career community. I’m currently a 4th year, majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Global Sustainability. At the upcoming career fair, I will be looking for a position after graduation that allows me to be in a dynamic environment, working and engaging with diverse people as related to the environmental sciences industry. Over the next few weeks, I’ll focus on 1 new thing every week that you can do to manage your time and start your preparation, as well as use myself as an example for the steps I’m taking to prepare for the career fair! So first things first….


With 4 Weeks Left: Preparing Your Resume


The first thing to know, is there is no one correct way to build a resume. Be prepared to let your resume evolve as you fine-tune your experiences and skills specific to the position you are seeking. Here are some must-know tips for your career fair resume:


Glance at your resume:

What are the first words that grab your attention? Do these align with the skills and experiences you are trying to highlight?

The 1-page limit:

Play around with the formatting to lengthen or shorten your resume to 1 page. Widen the margins, change the font (size 10-12 is recommended), or adjust spacing and headings.

Resume paper:

Not a necessity, but for a more professional look print your resume on resume paper. A stack of 100 sheets can be purchased for $8 at Walmart- split the purchase with a friend or keep the extras for the future!

Exploring different industries?

You may want to draw on different experiences specific to a certain industry or position, so making multiple resumes can be helpful. Keep a master list of all your experiences, involvements, projects, etc. that you can refer to and consider using objective statements.


Portraying your research experience and class projects:

These can be part of various resume sections. If you have a lot of research experience to highlight, consider creating a “Research Experience” or “Relevant Projects” section. You could also include these experiences under “Education” or “Relevant Coursework” if you’d like to focus on one in particular. When creating your bullet points, focus on transferrable skills you gained and be specific by using numbers and measurable details.


Get feedback on your resume!

The Career Center at Bryant Hall has office hours every Monday-Thursday from 1-3pm. Stop by to have a career counselor or a CPE give you tips for improvement.

Christie, our most wonderful career counselor who is working directly with the EST community, has office hours in Rice Hall every Tuesday from 3-5pm.


General Resources:


Try some of the steps that I took to prep my resume!

  1. I added my LinkedIn url to my personal contact info. My LinkedIn profile is something I’ve been working on a lot recently and can be used as an extended resume. Keep a lookout for upcoming LinkedIn workshops and learn more about your professional online presence here:

  2. My role as a CPE is a new experience this year, so I updated my work experience to reflect my newest position. I know my description will continue to evolve, but I used buzzwords and strong action words to create my bullet points. Here are my sample bullet points:

• Act as a student ambassador for the Engineering, Science, and Technology (EST) career community by developing content materials and researching related opportunities for the career center website, flyers, and weekly newsletter

• Present and tailor career development workshops to diverse groups of students of all years and group size

• Welcome and direct students to physical and virtual resources in the office by engaging in conversation and questions

  1. I evaluated the prime real estate on my resume. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have had many different experiences while at UVa, but I filtered through my resume and got rid of the things I found less relevant for the job I’m seeking. For example, my involvement with the First Year Leadership Experience (FYLE) has less meaning to me now as a fourth year (although it was a lot of fun!). I decided to use this space instead to expand on my leadership position as president of the Monroe Society.


Next Week: Creating your Perfect Pitch

Tune in next week for tips on making a great first impression, what to say when walking up to employers at the Career Fair, and how to help you stand out!