Career Fair Countdown! Week 1: It's Finally Here...Last Minute Tips

Nicole Schneiter – October 27th, 2015

The Fall Job and Internship Fair is coming up on Oct. 28th and 29th! In order to make sure you’re fully prepared (and not waiting until the last minute), we’ve created a Career Fair Countdown! blog series. Whether you’re a fourth year looking for a job after graduation or a first year exploring your career options, tune in to stay ahead of the game for acing the career fair.


Hello! My name is Nicole and I’m one of the Career Peer Educators (CPE) working specifically as the student ambassador for the Engineering, Science, and Technology (EST) career community. I’m currently a 4th year, majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Global Sustainability. At the upcoming career fair, I will be looking for a position after graduation that allows me to be in a dynamic environment, working and engaging with diverse people as related to the environmental sciences industry. Over the next few weeks, I’ll focus on 1 new thing every week that you can do to manage your time and start your preparation, as well as use myself as an example for the steps I’m taking to prepare for the career fair!


With 1 Weeks Left: It’s Finally Here... Last Minute Tips


The Career Fair is this week, but don’t fret! Whether you’ve prepared by following these blog posts or just decided an hour ago to attend, here are last minute tips to help you be on your A-game!


What to Bring:

  • Portfolio or nice folder: You can keep your resumes and any notes/prepared questions inside. This is also great for holding any brochures or freebies that you pick up.

  • Pen: Take notes after you speak to each employer

  • Mint or gum: Be sure to get rid of this before speaking to employers!

  • Your confidence and enthusiasm :)


Try this! For a more professional look, print your resume on resume paper! It’s totally optional, but could help you stand out.


Before the Career Fair:

  • Get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy, filling breakfast! Make sure to have coffee if that’s part of your routine.

  • Plan what you’ll wear beforehand- make sure what you wear is comfortable and err on the side of simple and conservative clothing.

  • Practice your Personal Pitch at our Pitch Workshops:

    • Wednesday, 9:30am in the Newcomb Gallery

    • Thursday at 9:30am in the Newcomb Gallery (with me!)


At the Fair:

  • Start with your least important companies first. This will give you a chance to warm up and practice before you talk to the companies that are your top priority.

  • Ask questions you prepared during your research- take a look at your notes and questions before walking up to an employer.

  • Ask for business cards or contact info and indicate a next step!


Personal Tip: Remember that your pitch is just an introduction. Let the conversation flow and have fun with the process- you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn!


After the Career Fair:

Be sure to follow up! Ask for business cards or contact info and let them know you’ll be in touch. When sending an email be sure to include your name, how you met, and something about your conversation to trigger their memory of you.


Try this! I will be asking for business cards and connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn the Monday after the fair. Be sure to update your LinkedIn if you plan to connect this way and clean up your social media while you’re at it.


General Resources:


Looking at Companies who will be Attending? Research tips and relevant questions to ask can be found in last week’s blog post here.

Need Help Creating your Introductory Pitch? Check out tips and resources here!

Still working on your Resume for the Career Fair? Find tips and resources from our first Career Fair Countdown blog post here.