Student Stories

Global Alumna Profile: Victor Azevedo

Genevieve Agar – March 23rd, 2017

This month we're profiling UVA alumna Victor Azevedo, a graduate of the Architecture school. Victor Azevedo studied at UVA as an international student originally from Manaus, Brazil and was also involved with the French House during his time in Charlottesville.

What did you do after graduation?
l Iived in Delhi for 6 months where I worked in an Architecture Office then I started my masters of Architecture at Columbia University.

Genevieve Agar: How I Reconciled Creative Arts with Economics (Major Exploration Series)

Amber Wang – March 22nd, 2017

“The majority of people who went to college do not end up in a career related to their major, meaning 10 years from now your major might be just a word on your diploma.” Genevieve Agar (CLAS '17, Economics)

A common misconception some students may have when deciding their major(s) is thinking they need to choose between something that aligns with their "passion" and something that will be considered "practical." Read about how one of our Career Peer Educators, Genevieve Agar (CLAS ‘17, Economics), proved this myth wrong during her nontraditional undergraduate experience.

Tiffani Kennedy: How I Chose My Interdisciplinary Major (Major Exploration Series)

Amber Wang – March 14th, 2017

When students are choosing a major, they might usually be drawn to specific disciplines such as Psychology, Engineering, Biology, or etc. However, many might not realize that they may have the option to pursue a more unconventional route. One of our Career Peer Educators, Tiffani Kennedy (CLAS ‘17, Interdisciplinary Major - Cultural Studies and Communication) was initially in such a situation. Keep reading to see how she came to create her own Interdisciplinary Major Program through a tale of redirection and success.

How to Talk to Parents During Break: Career Edition

Amber Wang – November 16th, 2016

Usually around this time, college students everywhere are looking forward to getting some much needed downtime during upcoming holiday breaks (especially after the whirlwind of exams and papers during midterm season).

However, some of us might feel a twinge of anxiety when we think about the possible conversations we might have with parents and family members about school, especially when it comes to majors and careers. But don’t stress just yet: the UVA Career Center is here to give you some helpful hints that will make these kinds of chats just a little bit easier to handle! Find some common scenarios you might be facing below, as well as the best ways to respond to each.