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Multiple Paid Internships with the Federal Trade Commission

Christie Julien – March 23rd, 2017

The Federal Trade Commission is looking for summer interns. 


The positions are located in various Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offices including:

The Immediate Office of the Executive Director

Administrative Services Office

Financial Management Office

Human Capital Management Office

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Workplace Inclusion

Bureau of Consumer Protection,

Attend the Undergraduate Research Symposium sponsored by the LSAMP VA-NC Alliance!

Khanh Tran – March 21st, 2017

Do you have a desire to go to graduate school? Interested in presenting your academic research? Want to acquire a summer research opportunity?

There will be a host of activities at the symposium, including poster and oral presentations, academic workshops, and a graduate school recruitment fair. See the website to view the agenda and read about the keynote speaker!


Date: March 31st - April 2nd

Location: Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, NC.

Taking the Lead in Entrepreneurship and Diversity

Christie Julien – March 20th, 2017

Achieving diversity and inclusion at the startup level is as important, if not more important, than diversity at companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and the lot. Startups are, in theory, the future of the tech industry, and it’s easier to get diversity and inclusion right at an early stage, rather than when the company already has thousands of employees.

Check out how Y Combinator is leading the charge.

Another Way to Interview

Khanh Tran – March 20th, 2017

I'm back at it again with another resource for technical interviewing! is a new resource that was released this year that helps streamline the interviewing process software engineers. Best of all, IT'S COMPLETELY FREE TO USE(!!!)

What is Refdash: Refdash helps you find great companies to work at. We provide a platform where you interview at one place and use that information to apply to several companies and also skip their phone screens.

Tech Ladies

Christie Julien – March 20th, 2017

Founded by Alliison Esposito, TechLadies is a site dedicated to connecting women in tech to each other.  What started as a Meetup has turned into a movement of over 10,000 women in tech roles.  Members get access to a jobs page with connections to hiring managers in organizations such as Slack, Wikipedia, and Buzzfeed, as well as access to an exclusive Facebook group where like minded tech-ladies can get together and network their hearts out.  With in person and online events such as "Negotiate L

The Art of the Cold Email

Christie Julien – March 20th, 2017

From Uncubed:

Allison Esposito gets a lot of cold emails – between five and ten every day, she estimates. People want to know how to break into tech, how to switch careers, and what’s wrong with their resume, among other things.

Allison has been a copywriter for Foursquare, a content manager at Google, and now she runs Tech Ladies, a community that connects women to tech jobs and generally supports women in tech. Her roles are impressive, but she’s approachable, she said. And so are most people. You just have to write the right cold email.

CIO Spotlight: The Society for Cognitive Science

Christie Julien – March 18th, 2017

The Cognitive Science Society is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the Cognitive Science Program at the University of Virginia. Members of the Cognitive Science Society can be any student interested in basic cognition--the structure, acquisition, and use of knowledge. The scientific study of information processing systems has developed in a number of interrelated yet distinct disciplines.

Increase Your Technology Literacy

Christie Julien – March 18th, 2017

From Uncubed

Technology literacy is a serious problem, and we’re not just talking about your parents’ inability to figure out the DVD player.

It’s time to overcome your fear, loathing, or inability to stop talking about The Bachelor and start going deeper on the apparent magic that happens behind your computer screen.

Thrive Conference

Christie Julien – March 18th, 2017


Come join Virginia Bio’s one-of-a-kind statewide conference where hundreds of executives from large companies to startups, healthcare providers, nonprofits, research universities, public sector, professional service providers, and an extensive group of large investors will be – ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!