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Diversity Programs with Morgan Stanley

Kelly Kennedy – February 2nd, 2017

Diversity is meant to be celebrated, appreciated and actively pursued. This is a sentiment that is well understood by the financial advisers at Morgan Stanley. At Morgan Stanley, “we strive to build an organization that is diverse in experience and background, reflecting our standards or integrity and excellence”. In accordance with this, the company is offering a series of Spring Diversity Programs to Undergraduate students.

2016 Finance Week

Sara Greene – August 3rd, 2016

Considering finance as a potential career option? The 2016 Finance Week will run from Thursday, September 8th to Wednesday, September 14th and will feature events to learn more about the world of finance and prepare you for finance interviews. If you have any questions about specific events please check Handshake or reach out to Sara Greene at

*always check Handshake for the most up-to-date information on dates/times


Christie Julien – June 15th, 2016


We've been talking about it for what seems like months but it's finally here. Starting today you can access your Handshake account and start using the system that's sweeping the nation!

Enough Talk. Time For Action. How Do I Access My New Best Friend, Handshake?

Business Internships at the Virginia Repertory Theater

Sara Greene – February 2nd, 2016

Have you always loved business but want to consider something outside of a traditional for-profit organization? Here's your chance to dive into business in the arts world! The Virginia Repertory Theater in Richmond, VA is accepting applications for their Arts Administration summer internship until February 5th. Learn more about this and other internship opportunities at

You're living diversity

UVA Career Center – August 11th, 2015

You may know this because you identify with a historically underserved minority group or underrepresented population at a historically white university.  In fact there is a growing list of protected classes and potentially marginalized groups contributing to our heterogeneous university community—to our diversity.  However, many of us may not fit in these categories and although it is not historically supported, are diversity, too.