This position is not currently being hired. 

The University of Virginia Career Center seeks highly motivated individuals to promote and educate the U.Va. community about Career Center resources and programming. Career Peer Educators (CPEs) will serve as Career Center goodwill ambassadors and as providers of valued career outreach support for fellow students. 


The team of Career Peer Educators (CPE) supports the UVA Career Center mission by expanding the Career Center's ability to reach students. CPEs serve as ambassadors of the Career Center to student by conducing presentations on career-related topics promoting services and resources to the University community. CPEs will also have the opportunity to learn about career resources while assisting the Career center with a wide range of projects. While working on these various tasks, CPEs will receive training about and exposure to many different career tools and resources and will be encouraged to utilize this knowledge in their own career development.

Projects, Event and Office Support

Collaborate closely with a Career Center staff member on a long-term office project that can be related to your interests. Some examples of projects include:

  •  assist with the research and development of new online career resources and programming related to specific career communities/needs
  • support the brand development and launch of the new Internship Center
  • provide programming, direct student service and administrative support to the Counseling and Advising Team
  • manage and provide administrative support to outreach efforts by organizing and scheduling CPE presentations to student groups
  • recruitment and marketing for next year’s CPE cohort
  • source and develop partnerships with student groups and leaders affiliated with special and underrepresented populations on Grounds
  • Help prepare for and staff large scale events such as career fairs and open houses.
  • Assist in general administrative duties when required.


  • Conduct presentations for students groups on topics such as resume writing, internship search resources, and navigating a career fair.
  • Use your creativity to assist with the marketing of major career fairs, career workshops and programming efforts.
  • Initiate new and innovative ways to increase student use of Career Center programs and resources.

Customer Service and Resource Assistance

Review and become knowledgeable of UCS print and online resources.
Actively welcome students who visit the UCS Library; recommend print resources, share information about upcoming career programming/workshop activities.
Assist students with online resources such as CAVLink, UCAN alumni database, Vault Career Guides, LinkedIn and more!

How to Apply

This position is not currently open for applications. Interested applicants can submit a CPE Interest Inquiry. 

Deadline: tbd